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About Mitch The Minister

Being a Wedding Minister has been one of the greatest joys of my life. For the past 20+ years, I love going 'to work" every day.  With my office in my house the commute is great.  I get to work in my pajamas.  
Me?  I'm been married for 32 years to my beautiful Kathleen.  
She is my inspiration when I speak of marriage.  She is my muse, my partner, my inspiration, my hero and my everything.  My partner in life. 

New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister
 I've performed over 2200 wedding ceremonies from Westchester NY to Atlantic City, NJ;  ceremonies on beaches, on boats, in stadiums, hot air balloons, national and international television shows, backyards, living rooms, hotel rooms and hundreds of wedding venues.


Every ceremony is unique.  I construct every ceremony very carefully with you.  I love it when people ask me "How long have you known the couple?" It's a compliment to the warm and personal touch I include in your ceremony.  I am a mobile minister,  sometimes available on short notice.

"Weddings are my life, words are my tools"

Yes, I drive a 'Kia Soul". What else would I drive?

When my wife and I were planning our wedding we never expected so many hurdles.   Because we are an interfaith couple we needed to make some very big decisions.  Who could we find to would marry us?  A rabbi?  A priest?  Both?  A judge?  We wanted a spiritual ceremony honoring our different heritages and religions but, back in 1985 there was no such thing as an "interfaith" or "non-denominational" officiant.  
We were thrilled when Kathleen's priest agreed to marry us but we had to look in the yellow pages for a 'rent a rabbi'. As it turned out, the ceremony was beautiful. Since that day I have have always hoped that I would be able to help couples, like us, who did not want to follow the 'traditional wedding ceremony' path, but include symbols and traditions from each of the bride's and groom's heritages.     
When everything was right, I changed careers and became ordained as an interfaith minister and began performing wedding ceremonies throughout the New Jersey, New York City,  Westchester and Pennsylvania area.

I'm 62 years old and my wife and I celebrated our 32st wedding anniversary!  Kathleen is the most patient, caring and loving lady in the world. (She told me to say that.) She is not only my best friend, but also my partner. We have two very beautiful, very intelligent and sweet girls who drive me crazy on a regular basis. It is their job. I am very proud of them and I love them with all my heart.

New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister
Photograph courtesy of Vero Luce Photography 

From L to Right is Patricia, Kathleen and Rachel

My wife and I are  huge advocates of rescuing dogs from anim
al shelters and rescues.   We have rescued many middle aged and older dogs from high-kill shelters and rescues from all over the country. We are also huge, anti-puppy-mill, pet-shop and breeder haters.  
I regularly donate a portion of my income to local rescues and shelters.

We currently
We currently have Otis and Benjamin.  Meet Benny.  
(Full name: Benjamin Franklin)  We guess that he's about 7 years old.  Benjamin is part Harrier Hound, part Beagle, and mostly nuts.  When he's not conserving his energy he's running up and down the stairs,
around the house, and driving us all crazy.  
He's got legs like a gazelle and can out race a cheetah. 



Now, filling out home, with lots of panting and slobbering, is Otis.  Otis is around 2 years old and all puppy.  He's part Labrador, part Rottweiller, part coon hound, and part who knows what.  Here he is in the shelter in Georgia.  How could we resist that face?

He's mostly teddy bear, the sweetest mush and he thinks he's a lap dog.  Otis is a goofball and a snuggler.
Until you throw a tennis ball.  Then he goes nuts!

It's pretty obvious how much Otis and Benjamin love each other.




Matthew is our most recent loss.  Like all angels he went to heaven to live with all our other rescue dogs.  He was our longest rescue family, he was 14 years old when we crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We were holding his paws  and stroking him as he left.  There will never be another dog like Matthew.  

New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister

Below are 2 of our most recent rescues.   

"Sophie"- a purebred Saint Bernard.  She was rescued from a "high kill" shelter in South Carolina through The Last Resort Rescue in where she was just hours from death. Sophie was 5 years old when she adopted us - a big girl but she was definitely a sweet 'gentle giant" Sophie loved to ride in the car, loves to snuggle and shed, and meet new dogs.

New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The MinisterUnfortunately, my beautiful Sophie fell one morning and after a quick x-ray it was discovered that she had inoperable bone cancer and she quickly passed away.  I miss her. She was my soul-dog. I'll see you in heaven, Soph.
Who rescued who?
When Sophie passed we opened our home and our hearts again and in walked William (a Malimute/Huskie mix).   He was not to bright, but he was a big mush. As you can see, Matthew and William became very close.   Matthew even shared the couch. They grew to be inseparable. They even peed together.  They made us laugh daily.

William lost his battle with a cancerous growth in his chest that was pressing on his esophagus and his heart. He was in pain.
The hardest thing in the world is to say goodbye. But, I was with him.  
I held his head and stroked his face as he slowly relaxed and crossed over the rainbow bridge as I told him I loved him.

Over the years we've adopted many older and sweet dogs.  We spoil them rotten for as long as we can.  We can never fully express our love for the rescue organization with whom we deal.  They are amazing heroes.  
We don't just adopt dogs,  we adopt love