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About Your Wedding Ceremony
The thought of creating a wedding ceremony can be very scary. "What will be said?" - "What should we include?" -  "Do I need to memorize anything?" - "What do we need to include?" - "What readings should we have?" - "Should we try to write our own vows?" Take a deep breath and don't panic!  Let me be your guide! Getting married is one of the greatest joys of life. I try very hard to keep everyone calm and that everyone has a memorable experience.  
Your ceremony should be a magical time and so I focus our energies and efforts to support and guide you both, and help you and your guests experience your perfect day.  Together we can create a custom-fit ceremony that will reflect exactly what you want.  


You may want your wedding to be a very formal ceremony or opt for something more contemporary and informal. Together we can craft your wedding, your vows and readings, and incorporate just about anything you want that speaks to your heart.

(check out their best man/ring bearer/best dog)

 Some brides choose to include others in their ceremony, best friends, especially parents or even children.  Having readings and including friends and family are a great way of showing how much they mean to you. Your marriage celebration can be anything you want it to be! 
You have total creative control.  I am here to guide you expertly and gently.  I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your vision of your wedding ceremony.
Your wedding is the central event in all the happiness and celebration that surrounds your day.  My ceremonies are not "cookie cutter".  We create your ceremony to be unique.  Nothing is pre-scripted until we talk.

I know you want the absolute best for the most important day of your life.  I strive to consistently deliver an incredible wedding ceremony experience; a ceremony that you will remember with joy and a smile for many years to come. Your ceremony should reflect your values, your dreams and attitudes.

You can include any traditions that you like. I perform all types of interfaith, non-denominational, religious and civil ceremonies. Your ceremony should center on your love for each other, your partnership, your commitment.

I like to say "I never marry strangers".  That's why meeting me is so important. Let's sit down for a cup of coffee (or two) or a snack at the local diner.  (I'm a diner expert)  Or an Applebees. Or a Starbucks.
Together we can plan the perfect wedding celebration; one that "fits" exactly what you want your wedding celebration to be about. 

If you have something special you'd like to include in your
celebration, just ask!!  Your ceremony can include anything you
want and take place anywhere your heart desires!  (except roller coasters)

Yes, they got married in a hot-air balloon.
New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister 
New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister
New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister
New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister

I travel throughout the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area performing wedding ceremonies in practically every and any location.   I have officiated at weddings in hotels, banquet halls, parks, chapels, churches, back yards, on the beach, the bride's home, on lakes, on boat docks, on boats, on the Hudson River Ferry, a private yacht, themed weddings, a Star Wars wedding, a medieval wedding, backyard bar-b-ques, historical landmarks and so many other places.  There's nary a place I haven't visited.
I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your vision of your celebration. I do this without charge or obligation, but I hope that once you meet me you'll discover that I can make all your wedding ceremony dreams come true.

Some couples have ask to have their four-legged family members to be part of the ceremony.   I love dogs and welcome them with open arms.

 Yes, I love dog kisses.