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Pictures and Videos

Here are just a few samples of all my amazing wedding ceremonies.
Unfortunately, it would be impossible to post pictures from every wedding,
 (I could fill books!) -  but you get the idea.
The newest pictures get posted also on Facebook and Twitter.







AllisonRecapOnline from Reisbord Cinematography on Vimeo.










My first major media experience was when I was asked to perform 
as the minister for the WPLJ radio contest "2 Strangers and a Wedding".  (There were millions of LIVE listeners!) The "wedding" was actually a contest. The couple won a paid 'reception' and 'honeymoon' to Barbados.  Limos, dresses, tuxedos, etc. I had a great time meeting the entire cast and crew of the show.   It was not a real wedding/marriage (it wasn't legal) but we had a GREAT PARTY!

New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister New Jersey Wedding Minister Officiant Mitch The Minister